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The Great Disruption:

Review of Paul Gilding’s Book

Most people engaged in sustainability know the name Paul Gilding: school dropout and Maoist trade union organiser at 17, environmental activist and head of Greenpeace International at 33, entrepreneur, business adviser to global corporations, and now author at 51. His book, The Great Disruption, is released around the world this month. It’s a must read and needs to reach an audience well beyond usual-suspect sustainability true believers.

Knowledge and timber, it’s said, shouldn’t be much used until they are seasoned. So Paul Gilding waited over half a century to write his first book. I’ve had a front row chance to see his profoundly challenging thesis on the future of our world evolve over the past decade or more, from pub chats, to self-published polemics, to wannabe international bestseller. From what I can tell, just about every significant thought and experience Paul’s ever had is in The Great Disruption. For lesser intellects, that might be a very short book - not for Paul!

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Monday, April 4, 2011, By Murray Hogarth.

Shale Oil “Flaring” Is Dirty Secret Of U.S. Oil Boom

Given the economic, energy and climate change challenges we face, you’d think it wouldn’t be necessary to write a column illustrating how it makes no sense to "flare" — literally burn up — $110 million worth of perfectly good natural gas each year without even using it to power a single light bulb.

Yet that’s exactly what’s happening in North Dakota’s shale oil fields these days, as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” liberates vast, once-uneconomic oil reserves — and billions of cubic feet of underground gas along with them. More than two million tons of carbon pollution is being flared into the air each year in this state alone.

The story behind this is not just one of short-sighted waste and environmental harm, but a pressing reminder of the business risks for oil companies that don’t get this hot new way of drilling for oil right.

by Mindy Lubber, Apr 2, 2012

Essential Opinion

More Weather Disasters February 8th, 2012
Dr Jeff Masters, meteorologist, remarked about a recent photo of the Earth, showing the USA and Canada, virtually cloud free and also snow and ice free in January. That contrasts with the first photos of the Earth taken in the early 1960s. The data for increased weather disasters is accumulating. in 2011 for the USA, there were 14 weather disasters each causing damage in excess of $1 billion. (The old record was nine.) Dr Masters said. "Climate change science predicts wet areas will tend to get wetter and dry areas will tend to get dryer. That’s what I see."

"The carbon bubble that looms over the world needs to be deflated soon. Failure to do so will cause enormous pain, - pain in fact, almost beyond imagining. If you think banks can be too big to fail, consider the climate as a whole. Imagine the nature of the bail out that would face us if the climate fails." said Bill McKibben

Rev. Prof. Lloyd Geering: "The responsibility for all life on Earth lies with mankind. ... We are at war with the Earth itself. ... This century will be a time of judgment."

In 1972, The Club of Rome published a book "Limits to Growth", which gave us early warning of the approaching environmental and resource shortage problems.

Global Warming Science - 1982 v 2012

In 1982, Mike MacCracken, then a senior researcher at Livermore Laboratory, gave a lecture at Sandia Labs on the subject of global climate change. I talked to Dr. MacCracken not long ago at the University of Michigan,and asked him, if he were to give the lecture today, what would be changed, and what would be the same.


2012! An auspicious year
for transforming
how we live on the planet.

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