? Evaluating Ecosystem Services
Open Future ImageEvaluating Ecosystem Services
Ecosystem Services clean up our waste and maintain the environment in a pristine state if they can. However, if the demand on ecosystem services is too great, the service become overloaded and breaks down.

The Natural Capital Project

Taylor Ricketts, Director, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics | Professor, Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources
In this video (56 Minutes), we learn about the science, applications, and people behind the worldwide Natural Capital Project. The Project develops tools to map and value ecosystem services while testing tools in critical regions and supporting maintenance policies along the way. Tools like this are critical for decision-makers to answer questions like: How would proposed logging projects affect different ecosystem services and biodiversity?

Bees still sick, EPA still stuck...time to get serious!

Today, PAN joined beekeepers and partners Beyond Pesticides and Center for Food Safety in filing a legal petition that calls on EPA to suspend registration of Bayer’s controversial bee-toxic pesticide, clothianidin.

We also delivered over a million signatures from individuals around the world — including over 20,000 PAN supporters — calling on EPA to take decisive action to protect honey bees from neonicotinoid pesticides before it is too late.

Bees and other pollinators continue to die off at catastrophic rates; according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), commercial beekeepers lost an average of 36% of their hives last year.

As an indicator species, honey bees serve as sentinels we ignore at our own peril. They are also responsible for pollinating one in every three bites of food we eat. We rely on them, and they’re relying on us. With today’s petition, we’re redoubling our efforts to protect these vital pollinators.

22 March, 2012