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The next four years will shape the future of humanity for the next 1000 years.

FOUR YEARS. There is a limited time.

GO. The time to act is NOW.

We can only ever act "now".  We start a journey, take one step, then another.  We can't be sure how far we can go in Four Years, but if we start the journey ourselves, others will join us, we'll give each other social permission to try new things and to think in new ways.  We will be amazed how far we can travel in a short time.

You are invited to become a partner in, and creator of, the FOUR YEARS. GO. campaign.

Declare yourself or your organisation a "change agent" for a new future, and to use FOUR YEARS. GO. as an inspiration for your actions.

Organizations are encouraged to explore and commit to the most exciting and impactful social/environmental, or social/economic, improvement projects that they can imagine and fulfill, within the next four years - projects that will, collectively, cause a positive tipping point in humanity's trajectory

Individuals are asked to think deeply about the issues, and to take practical steps, even doing the smallest things, to make a difference.  Give each other social permission to make a difference, now.

This video is just the beginning of the campaign.


The extent of mounting crises for humanity is daunting -- the promise of a better world is turning into a nightmare.  The very things that are supposed to save us; economic prosperity, pension plans, strong local communities, personal religious belief, security of hospital care, and public schools, strong police and military forces, and democratic government, all seem to be in sympathetic failure mode.  Nothing works anymore.  Why?  Largely because of the faulty ideas and principles of long dead economists.

These crises are in fact completely inter-related.  People are recognizing the reality of the situation and are willing to act -- urgently, globally, and collaboratively.  Many of us have been working on these problems for years.  The solutions are partly technical, but mostly social and political.  What makes a good life possible?  

Governments have proven themselves incapable of action.  Look at the mess they made of the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen.  Look at the ongoing financial crisis.  Anywhere and everywhere the same pattern is repeated.  

In a single sentence, the economy is part of the environment.  And again; economic activity is a subset of community life.  "Growing the economy" to protect the environment or the community, is like asking a child to care for the family.  We behave as thought the river makes the rainfall.  The river is only a tiny part of the rainfall.  

We can do what governments and businesses are unable to do. - Change the world.  Our action will make political and economic change possible. Go. Start now, let's do it together.  Government is a subset of the community.  Each of us is like the rain that makes the river.  Paul Hawken said, "Human-kind knows what to do."  Let us demonstrate that.

In just four years, we can execute a great turning; four years for people to get motivated and involved; four years to apply the solutions we already know; four years that can determine the quality of life on this planet for the next 1,000; four years to get it right.

The goal of FOUR YEARS. GO. is to cause a positive tipping point in unleashing humanity's collective will, and to do it in the next four years.

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