Open Future Image 21st Century Sustainable Dream
This is a one page printable worksheet. There are some ideas here that you need to select and comment on. Do that in your own way. There are no right and wrong answers. The process of doing some real work on this may lead you to see for the first time some surprising new ideas. Give it a try.

Can Human Beings Live Sustainably?

The hopeful answer is "yes", because if the world we know can be maintained, and human life on earth will continue. The Earth is a Common and we'll create and enforce rules to protect it for everyone.

The current practice answer is "no", because on the Earth today, there are no satisfactory rules or means of governance that could possibly protect the Common for us all to use.

So what needs to be different?

Open Future chose 12 Transitions we Need to Make

Changing the Dream

A Thriving World






Poverty and Justice

Right Prices



Paradigm Shift

Which of the above are important to you?

Note that the key issues now seem to be "everywhere" and not confined to single countries. Globalisation is a fact we have to deal with.

What do we need to accomplish in the next 50 years?

Our grandchildren need a sustainable world. What needs to change in the next 20 years?

Pick out some of the items above, that you think are causing the problems we now have. Given our new knowledge today, what are the immediate challenges facing us?

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