Open Future Image 20th Century Dream
This is a two page printable worksheet. There are some ideas here that you need to select and comment on. Do that in your own way. There are no right and wrong answers. The process of doing some real work on this may lead you to see for the first time some surprising new ideas. Give it a try.

What was the old 20th Century Dream?

To be healthy, wealthy and wise?

Each of us and the Earth itself were unlimited resources for future innovation and economic development.

When we were "wealthy" we would be able to buy health, and leisure and a clean environment.

Which of the following promote that objective. (Cross out some.)

Money as an objectiveWorking hardCreativityFree marketsinnovationYou can do anything"Think and Grow Rich""Rich Dad; Poor Dad""7 Habits of Highly Effective People"Get a degreeinvestmentThe power of goalsettingBuy a houseadd your own if you like

In your own words: What have we been dreaming of for the last 50 years?

All this is good isn't it?

Those old dreams are killing the planet. Those old dreams are killing us too. The people responsible have names and addresses, and live in your street. So were did we go wrong?

What sort of things should people hope for, today? What must the New Dream seek to achieve?

Have you now got some clear ideas about how what we dream about needs to change in the 21st Century?

These two pages are a thinking encouragement tool. Discuss your answers with someone else.

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