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By John Stephen Veitch
The Network Ambassador

This is where the rubber meets the road.  You are who you are, and powerful forces, social and practical, combine to sustain that identity.  How do you make a future that's open, rather than closed?  If you are interested what you need to do now is talk to us, just ask a question.  Here is a simple form that makes question asking easy.

We may all need to change but none of us want to be "changed" by external forces.  This site contains lots of stories about the need to change and how meeting other people or being put in a tight spot allowed an individual to "see" what needed to be done with new vision.  Have you learned anything from the 80 plus pages in this site?  Take your time.  When you find those stories meaningful to you, it's time to read further on this page. 

This has become a knowledge age.  We suggest here that two sorts of knowledge are important, knowing yourself, and knowing what other people are thinking and doing.  Both forms of knowledge demand continuous learning of us all.  The process of learning helps us to see new possibilities, to imagine new ways of behaving and make possible an Open Future.  Is change possible for you?  Of course it is, but only if you choose to drive it from inside your own knowing.  It's your journey, and only you can choose the direction it takes. 

The great athletics coach Arthur Lydiard said to the teenage Peter Snell,"You can be a champion", I discovered that Lydiard said those words to many people.  He was right, you, me, anyone can be a champion, but there is no shortcut, you have to do the work, you must prepare properly or all else is lost.  See the Lydiard Foundation web site.  There is advice there that applies to running and all of life.

If you've read much or this web site you'll recognise TWO key ideas.  Know yourself: something that looks easy, but in fact is very difficult.  Learn from others: you are probably doing that in your local network, so should you seek knowledge and inspiration from people who are outside your close connections.  We like to call the network of people and resources you have access to, the "useful common".  You can enlarge the useful common by becoming a participating member and contributing to it.

I've become convinced that the way we measure economic growth sends us all the wrong signals and bamboozles our thinking.  We are committed to economic growth, but that commitment is killing the planet.  It's simple: population growth cannot continue.  Economic growth, as currently defined, cannot continue.  Environmental destruction to enable economic growth eventually destroys economic growth.  There are LIMITS, and we are reluctantly discovering what those limits are.  Even in the face of all this bad news we believe that an Open Future is possible, but we have to earn it.

This is scary territory, and most people don't want to think about it.  They dismiss the notion, to avoid the problem.  That's a well established characteristic of how people behave.  Any possible solution begins with each of us having the courage to try and understand the problem.  Out there on the useful common, is all the information we need.  But until we understand it and integrate it with our thinking and decision making, we can't make good use of it.  Learning, understanding and integrating takes about 10 years.  Have you started yet?  There are some rather brutal economic and environmental shocks coming, rising fuel costs and climate change are only the beginning.  I expect hunger and poverty to increase.  That means economic decline, resource wars and population decline.  What date?  That doesn't matter, if it takes you 10 years to adapt to new realities, start now.  Don't wait for the crisis to come.  Build a foundation for personal sustainability, give yourself a chance for an Open Future.  There are business opportunities, and survival opportunities for those who best understand what's happening.

Open Future Limited is here to help.  There may be small costs for our services, but it cost you nothing to ask a question.  Sadly for too many people the confidence even to do simple things like that is in short supply.  So do you have the courage to talk to us?  Asking a question here, opens a conversation.  We will reply.  You will learn something.

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