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If you have not read it yet, here is the Letter from the Network Ambassador

Services for Individuals

What curiosity or drive or ambition brought you here? If you want to use the Internet to drive your life forward, to help you to be innovative and effective in your business, Open Future Limited can help. The principles behind the work we do are spread throughout this site. If, you are the first member of your company to discover this site, don't let the opportunity pass by. If you are going to be successful on the Internet you MUST have the courage and the inclination to talk to people. That's what we ask you to do now, talk to us. There is no fee or obligation attached to doing that.

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Services for Companies and Organizations

If you represent a company, and you need a company wide decision, we can help you involve more people. Some of these people will not be very Internet aware. This can be very tricky. Many senior executives are reluctant to encourage more online activity because they feel their power and authority will be attacked. That's indeed possible. The secret here is begin with some positive and constructive activity, and avoid boiling the water. Once again, talk to us about it.

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