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I first exchanged messages with Dave Gardner the producer of “Hooked on Growth”, in 2009, when Four Years. Go. was just beginning. Dave Gardner is a student of Prof. Albert Bartlett, at the University of Colorado, in Denver. If you have not seen Prof. Bartlett's long lecture it's well worth the time (Eight Parts). Take notes. It's worth it.

Arithmetic, Population and Energy, a lecture by Albert Bartlett, part one.

Once you understand the logic behind the Albert Bartlett's argument, you are still faced with the fact that all your training and most of the things you've tried to do in your life are intended to promote growth. Surely our whole society depends on growth for the proper function of the economy? Isn't growth inevitable?

It's a fair question. You have to find your own answer. Bartlett explains the problem well, but we refuse to believe him. What he says cannot be true, can it?

We know simple arithmetic. Is Bartlett's arithmetic right or wrong? You can judge that. Any child in the fourth year of primary school can do the mathematics involved. So why are you still not convinced?

Why do we feel that somebody is trying to trick us into making a mistake? Why do we feel confused?

Essentially the concept that "growth is normal and essential" is part of the culture we live in, and has become part of us too. We've internalised the idea that growth is good. To deny the value of growth is like denying your name and identity, it's a forbidden idea, a betrayal of who you are.

There is no cultural permission to think this anti-cultural thought. It's against the paradigm in which we live. We are free to think. but some sorts of thoughts are not quite allowed. It takes time, maybe several years, to understand that internal conflict and to adjust your thinking.

I believe that your survival, and the survival of humanity depends on me, you, on each of us, being clever enough to make the paradigm switch. To accept that we can, and must, learn how to live full lives without the extreme focus on growth, we now accept as normal. The GrowthBusters movie helps you to do it.

“Hooked on Growth” is Important to you.

The film “Hooked on Growth” looks at the development of Colorado Springs, from a sleepy mountain village into the second largest city in Colorado. You can recognise in the script the calls for more and more development that we in New Zealand hear every day in Auckland, and Christchurch in particular, but in every town in New Zealand. GROWTH in is our DNA, isn't it? We want to be bigger, better, brighter because that will make us more prosperous and happy. Or will it?

The recent fires in Colorado Springs and the drought across the USA, brings the movie into sharp focus.

Colorado Springs' Waldo Canyon Wildfire Forces Evacuation of 32,000
WALDO CANYON FIRE: Hell in the rearview mirror
Exponential population growth possibly a problem.

We need to see this movie because it's about US, too.

Open Future Limited is committed to making the movie “Hooked on Growth” available in New Zealand at minimal cost. “Hooked on Growth” is only available in NTSC format, not in PAL. You will find your DVD player has that option available. We can supply the “Hooked on Growth” DVD, post paid for $35.00 (Inc. GST), if you can prepay by direct credit to the Open Future Limited bank account.