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By John Stephen Veitch
The Network Ambassador

It is my experience that most people in senior management have little or no idea how to make the best use of the Internet.  That doesn't surprise me at all.  I've had the same problem and I've worked on the Internet almost full time for 14 years.  The first five years taught me that everything I KNEW was wrong.  Maybe not quite "everything" but it was a huge learning curve.  My journal gave me the confidence to get heavily engaged here.  But it didn't protect me from the errors of group think, thinking errors that I shared with most of those who built the early World Wide Web. 

Ten years on, confusion and misunderstanding are still common.  Avoidance, is the activity that characterises what most firms are doing.  There is a lot of material in this site to help you learn and to give you some confidence.  Error patterns I first understood on the Internet are repeated in the wider economy today.  Take some time, prepare yourself, and when you are ready, talk to us.

Businesses and institutions; groups, are formed with high ideals and aspirations.  These principles are intended to sustain our present wealth and to make us more prosperous in the future by doing what we do even better.  In other words, the basic principle that holds us together is the idea that together we will GROW and be prosperous.  I'm making the case, that this thinking sows the seeds for our certain failure unless we can be highly adaptable.  The ability to adapt depends on being well informed.  Our market structures and the confident positive signals we pass to each other are designed for business as usual, that's what we all want to be the case.  As a CEO, or a Director of a company, it's your responsibility to have a strategy for the future.  That begins with your personal preparation. 

The Internet is your friend. The beauty of the Internet is the ability to easily conduct a conversation. You can begin to do that here.

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