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This is a one page printable worksheet. There are some ideas here that you need to select and comment on. Do that in your own way. There are no right and wrong answers. The process of doing some real work on this may lead you to see for the first time some surprising new ideas. Give it a try.

What was the old 20th Century Paradigm?

Economic Growth is the Prime Objective of Every Government
(Except for Bhutan and Bolivia)

Which of the following promote that objective. (Cross out some.)

full employmentfree primary educationpensions for the elderlyproperty ownershipinnovationautomationnew knowledgeusing bigger trucksbuilding roadsmining for mineralsdrilling for oil or gasirrigationdemocracyinvestmentbuying goldglobalisationlow wagesefficiencyhospital carefree university tuitionexporting moreoutsourcingsmall business developmentlower taxesincreased consumer credithome ownershipgood commercial lawindependent courtsefficient utilities (Low cost electricity, water, gas and phone services)population growthconsumer shoppingreligious faithhard work and effortenvironmental protectionpolitical leadershipadd your own if you like

We were trying to make the very best use of the resources of the planet and to use our local people as productively as possible. Imports and exports were supposed to increase the efficiency.

In your own words: What have we been trying to accomplish in the last 50 years?

All this is good isn't it?

No it can't be, because we're destroying the environment, we're excessively dependent on oil, we've overfished the oceans, and we've cut far too much or the world's old growth forests. We're fighting wars over oil and soon we'll be fighting wars over water. All the "developed" nations of the world are drowning in debt. So were did we go wrong?

Pick out ten of the items above, which are causing the problems we now have. How was our thinking on these issues 50 years ago misguided, given our new knowledge today?

Have you now got some clear ideas about what needs to change in the 21st Century, so we can be more successful?

This page is a thinking encouragement tool. Discuss your answers with someone else.

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