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Open Future New Zealand

Setting up your Open Future New Zealand Membership

  Helping New Zealanders connect to each other  

Open Future New Zealand is an approved network on LinkedIn which is the largest business network on the Internet.

You start this process by going to the Open Future New Zealand Network.

Adjusting your "Settings"

Open the tab called "i" on the top right (Beside the word "member").

Open "Your Settings" (top right) and in Visibility Settings Please check the box, so the Open Future New Zealand Logo displays on your LinkedIn Page. That's advertising for the group.

Contact Settings
Contact Email Most people use a service like Gmail or Yahoo for group mail like this. You can have other addresses in the system, and choose which one you want to have as your primary address. LinkedIn always hides your email address from people who are not direct contacts.

Digest Mail If you check the box you can get one message a day, or one message a week, as you choose.

Announcements Please check this box. That allows John S Veitch or whoever is the moderator at the time to send every member a message. You can expect one message a month, telling you to pick up the Newsletter.

Member Messages Your choice here. How private do you want to be? We recommend that you allow messages. A KEY BENEFIT of group membership is direct connection, so I suggest you should allow direct connection.

Save the changes.

Choose to be involved.

We want Open Future New Zealand to be a safe place to get advice and to do business. Sadly, most people who join groups like LinkedIn, do very little or nothing once they have joined. If you just sit there, you'll sit, and sit, and sit. You have to make the first move. See this example of ALL the LinkedIn members in Christchurch a six years ago. The important point is the pattern, a huge difference between the active and inactive, which is repeated everywhere online. Most of those people with one connection probably still have one connection. Don't let that happen to you.

The Open Future New Zealand Newsletter will help to keep you informed and every month there will be a small tip to help you along.

If you want help there are many places where you can ask, including asking John S Veitch here.

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