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List of Open Networkers

Open Networkers, are people who take upon themselves the burden of maintaining contact with a large number of people. Generally Open Networkers are happy to accept a connection to all those who ask. Many Open Networkers cannot ask you to join their networks because they have already exceeded the "lifetime Limit" of invitations that LinkedIn has set.

Open Networkers are not obliged to accept your invitation, they retain the right to refuse invitations, but they seldom do. Generally if you invite an Open Networker to join your network in a polite way, they will happily accept your invitation. Open the profiles of all the people below and see how many of them you can easily connect with.

Most Open Networkers have a reason for building a super-large network. In my own case I was a person with lots of experience in online networking arising from my work on NZ Dances, between 1995 and 2000. There were over 700 people involved in that network.

The opening of LinkedIn (2003) was for me a key opportunity to build a large network that would be useful both to me and to the NZ business community. At first it was slow hard work. My current first level network is over 11,570, including only 1,000 New Zealanders. (There are over 2953 in Open Future New Zealand) New Zealanders are NOT well connected to each other. Open Future New Zealand is one small effort to help change that. (I estimate that about 600,500 New Zealanders are LinkedIn members, most of them with less than 20 connections. You can't find them, because they are not "linkedin".)

August 2011 update: About 118 New Zealanders have in excess of 1000 direct connections. Seven with more than 10,000 connections. Many more people have understood the importance of joining many diverse LinkedIn Groups. (Up to 50.)

If you have your own reasons for wanting to build and maintain a large network, you might choose to have your name listed as an Open Networker. Don't rest there. Actively connect to all the other open networkers yourself. Then quietly continue to build your network to make it both bigger and more diverse.

John S Veitch
The Network Ambassador

List of Open Networkers in Open Future New Zealand

Every member of Open Future New Zealand should take advantage of the opportunity to connect to all of these people. That will give you a well connected base. Then build your network in two entirely different ways. Look for people who specialize in the same things as you, and look for people who live in your local area. Help other people. Make a special effort to mop up the ones who only have a few connections. Encourage them to join Open Future New Zealand?

If because of changed LinkedIn rules regarding privacy, you cannot connect to some of these people, I can supply the email address for most of them. John S Veitch

Over 10,000: All of these people may now have restricted ability to invite you. People with small numbers of connections bring diversity to one's network. Your invitation to connect is appreciated even by these well connected people.
Peter Browning Iain MacGibbon John Wadsworth John Humphrey
Carl Ding John Stephen Veitch Allan Riddel (USA)  
Over 6000: Most have reached 3000 Invitation Limit - They may now have restricted ability to invite you.
Louis Botes Marcin Plazewski (Poland) Mark Barlow  
More than 3000 Connections
Mike Stay Melanie Byrne (Australia) Farhan Ahmed (Saudi Arabia)  
  Ifor Ffowcs-Williams John Dierckx James Butler
More than 1000 Connections
Shawn Pate Jay-D Olivier Suzanne Kendrick Katie Laurence
Iain Walmsley Reece Johnson Jamie Roy Willy Schoppe
Ian Stansfield Martin Hemi Simon Young Stu Dunn
Simon Yock Dr. Rod McPherson (USA) Sam Phillips (UK) Stephen Furness
Lou Harrison-Smith Patrick Behrendt Igor Portugal Mark Kendrick
Denis Gianoutsos Linda Coles Richard Sheridan Paul Jenkins
Vinod Banaglore Ann Andrews Anake Goodall  
More than 700 Connections
Andrew Vesey Brandon Gallagher Gael de Kerdanet (France) Justin Fitzgerald (UK)
Allen Qu (China) Vishnu Rayapeddi Joselle Bacani Brent Powell
Steve Ignatov Andrew M. Simes Simon Gianoutsos Mike Hales
Simone Wadham      
More than 500 Connections
Tait Grindley Steve Zawodny Leon McAllister Craig Allison
Karaitiana Taiuru Edwin Dando JP Browne Monica Barton (Czech Republic)
Katie Hogue, LLB (Hong Kong) Crispin Garden-Webster Steve Blake (UK) Mark Vivian
Bernie Lyons Scott Evangelou Michael Underhill (China) Luigi Cappel
Valnor Scerri (USA) David Peploe (UK) Thomas Wieberneit Warren Adamson (UK)
Gavin Stone John Russell-Hodge Sheena Thomas Greg Reynolds (Thailand)
Phillip Higgins Christian Jordan Andrew Woodham (Netherlands) Glenn Kaka
Yoshimi Yoshida Jonathan van Smit (Hong Kong) Hans Barnard Carel Redelinghuys
Debra Clark Marshall Couper Milan Holzapfel Nigel Horrocks
More than 400 Connections
Veronica E. Alvarez (USA) Phil Linklater Ed Whiting Jenni Ross-Janett
More than 300 Connections
Jean Barr Jess Eastmond Gabby Simpson Perry Panayiotou (UK)
Sam Dolbel David Gadsby Jean Barr  
More than 200 Connections
Jane Scripps Moira Buchanan Elsie Hagley Matt Goodin
Mike van Lokven Sonya Hill Jim Fisher  
More than 100 Connections
Sneha Tiwary Paul Middleditch Hugh Williams John O'Brien
Jason McCann Matthys Meintjes    
Fewer than 100 Connections
Lance Morris Igor Ivanovic John Pereira