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The Benefits of Joining Open Future New Zealand

  Helping New Zealanders connect to each other  

New Zealand does not have a well developed culture of networking. I can only think that the small size of the NZ market is the cause of that. Some of our top private schools have always encouraged networking, but the basis of that effort was to build only through close and well developed personal networks. New Zealand Universities have been slow to learn the lesson of keeping alumini connected and informed.

There are three immediate benefits.

1. You get the see the names of other members of Open Future New Zealand. All members have some strong connection with NZ, (They may not all live here.) So you can see more easily who to invite into your network.

2. You can go to "Members" and do an advanced search based on location, or job title, or industry. To find the people you need.

3. You can see people who are not in your network, because they are also "group members".

4. If people have chosen the "Setting" allowing group members direct contact, you can contact them directly.

As a Open Future New Zealand member you can invite your own NZ contacts to be members. This is a helpful service you are doing for them. Lots of people must be doing that because every day 5-6 more people want to join.

There is a real need to connect to people who have small numbers of LinkedIn connections, and to people who live in small towns and in occupations that are not top of the mind regarding internet use. DIVERSITY is the key to making the Open Future New Zealand network more useful to all of us. You can help, by making your own personal network more diverse.

There is a good deal of practical and helpful advice in the topics below for you.
In particular how to build your own network and why you should do that.
We offer help in writing your profile in LinkedIn.
There is the opportunity to open discussions inside the Open Future New Zealand Group.
You can post jobs here, both as a job [seeker] and as a job [provider].

If you are an open networker, you can register with us, and that will increase the number of invitations you get.

Your Open Future New Zealand Group "setup".
Building your LinkedIn Network
"I don't know you" problems: Open Networkers
Open Future New Zealand Newsletter
Dealing with Email Overload
Improving your learning rate
Rewriting your LinkedIn Profile
Printable Guide from all the above pages (8 Pages)