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Open Future New Zealand was established by John S Veitch for public benefit and use. 

Open Future New Zealand - Our Direction 2013

We've got important work to do, and we need a big strong and active group.

It's time to help Change New Zealand.

Here is a suggested agenda for our nation, this year and for many years to come.


Informing our business peers about the value of LinkedIn.
Giving them help to establish their first 100 of so connections.
Explaining the value of LinkedIn Groups.
Helping people get involved in the discussions, so their own ideas become visible.
Developing LOCAL face to face networking via LinkedIn.

Personal Development:

Those who only ever read group posts contribute like chickens do, to breakfast.
Those who write posts and reply to posts contribute like pigs do, to breakfast.
The pig is more involved and learns more than the chicken.
How you choose to engage, has the power to change your life; or not of course.

People who only post a link without a discussion opener, putting forward a personal position, forgo an opportunity for personal recognition and for personal involvement.

New Zealand's Political and Economic Development:

I make no secret of the fact that I think both our main political parties are trapped in their old heads, and condemn New Zealand to repeating the mistakes of the past. Further more, it's because you and I uncritically accept the losing stance of these players, that real progress is so hard to achieve. We are too accepting of what we are told by our "leaders."

New Zealand needs a revolution, but it has to happen inside each one of us first. The Internet makes new information available. By discussion, we discover what that new information means and how it affects our lives. We are responsible for what we do here.

New Zealand on the World stage:

We can once again be the little nation that CAN. Who are We? What should we do? The really big issues of NOW, are the ones we seek desperately to avoid facing. The world of competing nation states is self destructive. We are willing players in that foolish game.

We live an unsustainable lifestyle. The more we can adapt now, the easier it will be later.

Today's decisions and the lifestyle choices we have already made are destroying the future for the younger members of our own families. Look in the mirror at the person who's doing this. Do you really have no choice? Write your grandchildren a letter explaining why you believe it's impossible to give up economic growth.

To really see what is happening in every major New Zealand city, almost every city in the world in fact, you need to see "Hooked on Growth", a film about your city if you ignore the name Colorado Springs. The city council is dependent on the real estate industry and the developers for funding and political support. The resources of the city are invested in projects that subsidise development (There's no local water.) and make possible "growth". In their own eyes these city guardians see themselves as hero's in a great success story. Sleepy little Colorado Springs becomes the second city of Colorado State. Is that true? Or are they are building a massive human and financial disaster, that's waiting to happen?

I expect that within the lifetime of people now born, the world population will fall dramatically. We will ourselves be involved in that, there is no easy "out".

New Zealand can do these things:

Adopt a low growth or no growth population policy.
Take the issue of becoming more sustainable seriously.
Stop running the economy on the metric of growing the GDP.
Adopt the principles of Modern Monetary Theory.

There is a grand gesture we can also make; we can commit to closing ALL of our coal mines in a small number of years. That's the modern equivalent to being nuclear free. It's doable, and it makes it clear where NZ stands on the critical issue of climate change.

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