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John Stephen Veitch
The Network Ambassador

28 January, 2009
Dear Sir or Madam

I'm an advocate for network building, a business educator and trainer.  At a time when the world faces severe interrelated challenges, environmental, economic, cultural and political, the Internet offers us a possible means of rethinking and relearning.  The world faces a crisis that will demand much from each of us.

The reasons for our crisis begin with "us" and for that reason they are hard to understand and to do anything about.  
I believe that these four ideas are fundamental to exploring your business and personal future.

  • Explore and understand yourself.
  • Do things. Learn what the world is like from your own primary experience.
  • Communicate with many people. Engage in open discussion.
  • Make conscious choices about what to do.

The printing press wasn't well used for about 200 years because people couldn't read.  Today we have a similar problem on the Internet.  Internet Literacy is limited to a tiny minority of people.  The opportunity to learn and to innovate and to create exists but is often ignored. 

We are trying to be successful in business in the 21st century using the knowledge and thinking tools of the mid 20th century. That inability to change our mindset will ensure our failure.  We continue to support political ideals that have long been outdated.  Thinking in terms of left and right, or liberal and conservative as meaningful and useful political short-hand for modern politics, falls immediately into a trap that regenerates all the old disfunctional battles that have created our modern dilemma.  We need a new operating paradigm.  

The obesity epidemic models our politcal, economic and social problem exactly.  It makes no sense to try and be left and right, or liberal and conservative on obesity.

  • We know nutrition and exercise are essential to good health.
  • Yet many of us still eat too much of the wrong sort of food.
  • We exercise too little.  We seek to avoid hard physical work.
  • We KNOW this is killing us, but we can't find a way to CHANGE ourselves.

That pattern of behaviour repeats in issue after issue. Our politicians and therefore we ourselves, fight over phony issues, that can be defined as left and right, or liberal and conservative.   That's the model for problem solving, in our heads that we refuse to abandon.  Meanwhile we do exactly nothing to deal with the real issues at all.  It's a silly game that's destroying us.

Our heads are of necessity "stuck in the past" and that's the key problem.  We need to have a 21st century view of the world.  We need to unlearn much of what we know, because it's wrong, and it's killing us.

  • We have to become the best people with the best ideas. - The future is only what we make it.
  • A more sustainable economy has to be made.  No amount of money can buy it.
  • Many people carry part of the solution with them.  You and I are the necessary revolution.  We build and construct a world, that works for our grandchildren.  Or we don't.  That's the choice.

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