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Finding Your Own Knowledge

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  You tell yourself that you'll remember: But you can't and you won't: Make a written record of your life.  

You write a record of your primary experience to influence who you are becoming.  Find a way to write down what you have done, or intend to do, or have read or have learnt today.  Eventually the record helps you to make sense of your life and allows you to have accurate recall of past events.  That's no small advantage.  You will be able to build a balanced view of yourself and the world that few people have. 

John S Veitch has for 30+ years maintained a handwritten journal.  Most people today will write on their computers, and share what they record, or a version of it, with their friends.  There is the advantage of getting feedback from members of your social network.  Modern desktop search capability, makes everything you write fully searchable.  Some people will choose to write using journaling software or to keep a blog, but that's not necessary, any text will do.

Give emphasis to your own primary experience.  Recording what you alone know is something nobody else can do.  Your primary experience has no structure. You impose order on it by choosing what is important.  If you can measure, count, compare or make categories, that's helpful.  Your own self collected data is real knowledge and real strength

Don't worry about the fact that you only ever write a small amount in any week.  Quality is more important than quantity.  Did you think carefully about it?  Did you write about it yourself?  Did you talk to someone about it?  Did you share it with someone online?  Is the file on your hard-disk?

When you really absorb your primary experience, reflect on it, understand it, you are better able to know what's real, true, or valid.  Build your own "truth" filter.  That's your defence against propaganda and other people's unthinking nonsense on Google or elsewhere. 

We don't live in an information society.  We are fed with other people's propaganda and encouraged to believe it.  We live in a society that agrees to ignore the information, a society that constructs a fabric of mis-information or dis-information and agrees to call it "truth".  Your own written record, based on your own primary knowledge can help you stand for reality against the tide of "me too" claims.  Such personal and grounded knowledge allows you to be strong when faced with fierce opposition.

Learning the value of keeping on, with keeping on.

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