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Sources of Creative Ideas and Artistic Development

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  10,000 unrelated ideas have no value.
Value exists in a few critical ideas integrated into a product or service that is useful. 

Any new knowledge is always hard won and must be paid for in advance.  We pay in time, commitment, and effort.  The cost is the other things not done, the cash diverted from something else, the time spent developing interpersonal links with a circle of peers who encourage you and may often be helpful. 

Few people examine the world or themselves closely.  We fail to keep good records about the life we are living.  So we lose the possibility of giving our long term memory some strong clues to what really happened all those years ago.  We fail to learn the lessons clearly evident in our own experience. 

Experts can offer us many things, but insight into your own life is best driven by the knowledge you yourself bring to that understanding.  The opportunity for reflection and the re-evaluation opens up the ability to imagine new solutions.  Many universities are today teaching the value of maintaining a professional journal, and participating in both private reflection as well as supervision by an experienced practitioner. 

Nothing exists until it is discovered by you, there are no shortcuts.  New ideas and products start vague and fuzzy and only slowly become something one understands.  The hand and the mind work together in the process of discovering the world.  In the world of creative endeavour there are infinite ways to lose and only a few ways to win.  So I self censor my thinking.  The cost of real change just too great for most people to willingly undertake.  Essentially this is why we can't innovate.  We censor ourselves to preserve the values and ideas that we cherish.

How can business help us reach a sustainable world?

Companies able to tackle issues such as poverty, climate change and population shifts are those most likely to succeed in the future. This is a view shared by five global business leaders in a major new publication from the WBCSD. From Challenge to Opportunity sets out a "manifesto for tomorrow's global business" as defined by the Tomorrow's Leaders group of the WBCSD. It also discusses why and how four key areas of business and sustainable development need to be profitable in order to be effective.
World Business Council for Sustainable Development  (one hour)

Every innovative project is frustrated by a hiding hand (black swan, unknown unknown).  The integration of new ideas takes time.  One needs to live with a new concept to make it part of your usable knowledge.  The process of learning is never under control.  Successful ideas often take 20 or more years to develop.

One of the most difficult tasks for innovators is knowing when to hold on, and when to let go of the project.  Fortunately for the innovator market failure is never the end.  Valuable lessons are always learnt.  You live to play again, with better skills.

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