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Much of modern life has had the effect of separating us from the community in which we live. We now mix only with people who share our hobbies and interests, with family, or with work mates. We hardly see the people in our street.

An Active Local Community - Building Resilience

Economics + Environment + Society

We need to do what the www link Brundtland Report suggested twenty-five years ago (1987), and integrate economic , environmental and social objective into a single framework of decision making. We are not the helpless victims of a cruel plot. We are the masters of our own destiny. We can choose to have an Open Future, if we have the intellectual capacity to understand the problem and the political will to do something about it.

www link Gro Harlam Brundtland Chair of the "Our Common Future" report.

www link Gro Harlam Brundtland, Part Two
www link Gro Harlam Brundtland, Part Three (There are 20 parts on YouTube.)

Sadly our communities are fragmented. Open Future™ has spent enough time in streets and we've knocked on thousands of doors. People are not unfriendly, and on the surface judging from what they say, there is strong support for local communities and local community action. However, since people don't know each other, it's often a case of wait and see. People are passive about building a www link Street Group for instance. They wait for someone else to do it.

The Earth as a Common

Local File The planet Earth is a common. Like all commons, it runs the risk of being destroyed if it's not properly managed. The Earth is being very badly managed. Several warring tribes are trying to seek domination of the Earth and it's resources, quite mindless of the destruction they are causing. All human life on Earth will be threatened by the continuation of this intentional devastation.

Reluctant Political Leadership

Our political leaders must learn to listen to their publics. People want to live, and they would like their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, to have happy and prosperous lives. There is enough energy and food for today, but we have to act now if future problems are to be minimised. Many of the solutions lie in the hands of ordinary people working at the local level, but they can only do their work effectively if governments play their proper function. Governments need to regulate the rich and powerful and to ensure they Local File pay the right price for the resources they use. Governments are not intended to be vehicles for giving special favour to sponsors. Governments need to govern for the best interests of their own people, and for all the peoples of the Earth. This is cooperative venture, not a competitive one.

Community Structure

Community WorkIn the modern world we go to a lot of trouble to build relationships at work and in clubs and interest groups. We know that the people who are our friends help to define who we are becoming and they feed us with information and connections and reflections of ourselves, that we can use to smooth the way forward. There as people in every community who for some reason or other become socially excluded. Once that happens it's difficult for them to maintain a normal lifestyle, employment, friendships, or personal health. There is a cost to the community when this happens, it's not a problem for the individual alone.

For instance once people become part of an underclass, or an excluded class, they are at once less able to care for themselves, and more likely to accept offers to do things that are illegal. Once mainstream society becomes "them" and the police and authority figures are despised there is little incentive for the individual to live by the general rules that maintain the community. However, within their own group commitment to each other may be very strong. Theft from group other members is not acceptable and likely to be heavily punished. Talking to other people about the activities of the group, perhaps by now we might call them a gang, is simply not done. Social controls inside such a group are very strong and that further separates the individual from the mainstream community.