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John S Veitch
John S Veitch
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Jonas Salk; (Salk Polio Vaccine) that "Relationships are fundamental".
The atom as represented by a nucleus and electrons illustrated above is a simple version of atomic structure.
In this context an atom is almost pure information, or a set of relationships, rather than "stuff".
That's a very useful idea in the "information age". The Internet would be a good model of the principle of relationships.
Because "relationships are fundamental" a decision maker needs to consider how individuals, groups, known facts, and resources make the whole picture.
The key is to understand the "relationships" but the facts will often be "changeable" or "missing".
With a topic as complex as developing an Open Future™ the idea that relationships are fundamental has significant value. We can see from the introduction of the Internet a significant improvement in the quality of the information many people are getting.

In The Brundtland Report of 1987, many of the complex relationships that are part of this web site were identified. Firstly, that there was a complex and difficult problem to solve, and the resolution of that problem was not possible with the knowledge and tools we have at hand. There is an imperative "for a renewed search for multilateral solutions and a restructured international economic system". "There are no trends identifiable today. (1987)" said Gro Harlem Bruntland in her foreword, "no programmes or policies, that offer any real hope of narrowing the gap between the rich nations and the poor nations.

"Major changes are needed, both in attitudes and in the way our societies are organised. The question of population - or population pressure, of population and human rights, and the links between the related issues of poverty, the environment and development proved to be one of the more difficult concerns with which we had to struggle."
"We appeal to 'citizens' groups, to non-governmental organisations, to educational institutions and to the scientific community. They will play a crucial part in putting the world into sustainable development paths, in laying the groundwork for Our Common Future."

As I read this report written 25 years ago, I'm impressed by how much wisdom it contains.

If you need the original article it's here.

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